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Workshops & Training

To understand and enjoy sexuality, everyone needs adequate advice, information and support.


Providing disabled people and those around them, with a platform to learn and explore disability and sexuality.

We offer a range of workshops that are tailored to the educational needs of different groups of people.

Whether you’re a manager at an agency that supports disabled people who’s looking to up-skill and broaden the knowledge of your staff, or to improve your policies around sexuality and disabled people, or a family member looking for some support, then we’ve got a workshop for you. We also have group workshops for disabled people. 

If you’re interested in attending any of the workshops below, please contact us to make a booking.




Sexuality Workshops

These workshops are aimed at support workers, care workers, teachers, education assistants, prison staff, nurses etc and are a great option for agencies or centres who are wanting to raise awareness of sexuality.

Topics covered include:

  • Understanding sex and sexuality

  • Values in the workplace

  • Boundaries in the workplace

  • Resources and support agencies

  • Intimate Support

  • Relationships and sexuality

  • Friendships

  • Support people with challenging sexual behaviour and paraphilia

  • Policy development

  • Accessing the sex industry

  • Mentoring support workers

  • Sexuality and family/whānau

  • Gender and diversity

  • Puberty changes


Policy and Practice Workshops

This workshop is aimed at Managers, Team Leaders and change agents. The outcome of the workshop is to develop a policy and practice document for your organisation. Many organisations have polices on sexual abuse – this is an opportunity to develop policy and practice guidelines that enable people to have positive and consensual relationships

The workshop will help you with policy and practice development around the following topics: 

  • Sexuality

  • Relationships

  • Decision making 

  • Friendships

  • Sexual expression

  • Sex industry

  • Challenging sexual behaviours

  • Intimate support

  • Healthy sexuality


ASK (Assessment of Sexuality Knowledge) Assessment

Understanding how much someone knows about sex and sexuality can be difficult. The ASK assessment identifies a person’s knowledge and identifies gaps in learning. It’s a great way to then develop an education programme (either one on one or in a group setting) for the person and their support network. 

This assessment is suitable for people over the age of 16, and with people who communicate verbally, and who fall into the range of having a mild – moderate intellectual disability. It can be adapted for younger people by leaving out some of the more explicit sections.

There are four main parts to the ASK:

  • An assessment of sexual knowledge

  • An examination of attitudes relating to sexuality

  • A quick quiz

  • Problematic socio-sexual behaviours


Family/whānau Workshops

When it comes to the "sex talk," most parents and educators have no idea how to answer typical questions like "How will my body change during puberty?" or "How do I get a girlfriend?" about atypical bodies.

This workshop is aimed at family/whānau and caregivers. The workshop will help you to get started in talking with your family/whānau member about sex and sexuality, will provide practical ideas and allow families to share ideas with each other. 

Topics may include:

  • Puberty

  • Public and private places and behaviour

  • Keeping safe

  • Autism and sexuality 


Safer Living Workshops

The Safer Living workshops are group-based for disabled people, older people and people with challenging or offending type behaviour. 

The sessions cover:

  • Difference between friends and relationships

  • Understanding consent

  • Public and private – behaviours, places, language

  • Consensual touching

  • Keeping yourself and other safe

  • Sex and sexuality


Intimate Support Workshops

This workshop is aimed at anyone who provides support to people around intimate or personal care (support with showering, bathing, dressing, eating, using the toilet etc). The workshop helps support people examine their own practice, understand good and bad practice and how to support sexual identity. 

A great option for support people, staff, teachers and caregivers who provide intimate support on a daily basis to disabled people, older people, or children in a school or residential setting.


Accessing the Sex Industry Workshops

This workshop is aimed at support people, caregivers, disability allies and disabled people or anyone who is curious.

The workshop helps to assist people in accessing the sex industry and to ensure that people know the legalities and processes. The workshop explores some of the myths about the sex industry and provides practical information.