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Information is power


To understand and enjoy sexuality, everyone needs adequate advice, information and support.

Our education sessions provide a safe space to ask vulnerable questions in a relaxed, non judgemental setting.


One on one sessions 

Our one on one sessions provide a great opportunity for you to work though sexual issues, concerns or difficulties that you may be encountering.

We can discuss a wide range of topics related to sexuality including understanding your gender, keeping safe, consent, understanding sexuality, body parts, developing friendships and relationships, sexual expression, sexual preferences, sexual desires, sexual orientation, sexual identity, dating, where to go to meet someone, how to use a dating website and much more.

Our conversations can be as explicit as you like and we won’t shy away from any topics you want to discuss. There’s nothing that will embarrass me and I want you to feel comfortable to talk about whatever you like.

Through our chats we can address how sexuality specific issues may be impacting on your mental health, relationships, personal health and happiness and work together to help you reclaim your sexuality and make it a positive and empowering part of who you are.

Our one on one sessions are unique and personalised and totally centred around you and what you feel comfortable chatting about. We can meet in person or we can chat on the phone or via a webinar.


Walk and Talk - From the Horse's Mouth sessions

We also offer Walk and Talk sessions with one of Claire’s three horses, three donkeys or two ponies. Come and take one of the boys for a walk along the beautiful Otago Peninsula and we can talk about whatever is on your mind….relationships, sexuality, dating, keeping safe. It’s amazing how the horses can help facilitate conversation. If you don’t want to go for a walk then come and give them a brush or just lean on the fence and have a yarn.

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Online Dating

Eeeeeeeeeeek where to get started?!?

Online dating – it’s the ballroom of the 21st century. Want to fill up your dance card but don’t know where to get started? We can help you write a profile, assist you in finding the right website, give ideas for conversation and help you fulfil your dating goals. 


Group sessions

Our group sessions are a great opportunity for couples and groups to come along and openly talk, discuss and explore anything that’s on your mind regarding relationships and more.

We can chat about a wide range of subjects including friendships, relationships, understanding sexuality, romance, dating, understanding bodies and how they work, puberty, being an adult, getting professional advice public and private – places, activities, body parts, healthy relationships – contraception, information on infection prevention, consent, decision making, pregnancy, gay, lesbian, bisexual, queer information, sex industry, sex aides, keeping safe, sexual abuse and much more. If you’ve got further questions at the end of our session we can go away and find the answers for you. 


Sex Industry? Sex aides/toys? We can talk you through how it all works and connect you with people and places within the sex industry. I can also design a workshop for your agency on how to approach this in a positive manner.

We can discuss how to access the sex industry – sex work, use of brothels, escorts, legal implications and obligations, sex shops, use of sex aides, pornography, NZPC and internet safety and boundaries. Whatever your questions, we’re here to answer them.